The Black Cat - Stretchwear by Whim

The Black Cat Stretchwear for men and women expresses the human form at its most sculptural. In doing so it redefines spandex, a previously maligned fabric associated with exercise regimes and pop film clips from the 1980's, as a new, more elegant aspect of fashion.

I insist on using the best quality spandex available, this is generally a 170 gram variety that provides a good shine, is heavy and thick enough to be opaque and is incredibly soft. The patterns are made up of a number of panels, stitched in such a way that, combined with the thickness of the spandex, they provide comfort and support.

The Black Cat Stretchwear made its public debut at the 2008 Circa Nocturna fashion parade. Prior to this, however, I had been working with spandex since 2002, learning how the fabric works and how it is best constructed. The catsuits, in their current form are the result of over five years of learning. Pieces are made on a commission basis, so the designs shown on this site should be viewed more as a demonstration of what pieces can be made rather than a definitive list of what is available. I have also made pieces in the past for swimwear and cosplay and am capable of creating dance and other performance wear. I am always happy to discuss and alter pieces for a customer. I have also sent pieces overseas and am happy to do so again.

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